Suffering is disease, contentment is good health.
No man is truly healthy who does not possess a sound body, a sound mind and a sound soul.
- Rig Veda
If you have a health problem and want an alternative natural solution, or if you are healthy and want to know your body/mind type and how to maintain your ultimate health, an Ayu Yoga Health Consultation will provide the knowledge you seek.

Ayu Yoga Consultation consists of two basic parts:

  • Ayurvedic diagnosis
  • Ayurvedic health management
  • Ayurvedic diagnosis
         An Ayurvedic diagonis is not merely knowing about the symptoms of the disease but it also helps in finding the root cause of the disease. It includes finding out the imbalance of doshas, blockage of channels, improper functioning of the dhatus, improper funtioning of various cleaning or excretory system(mala), determining the strength of one's digestive fire and immune system. This diagnosis also helps in choosing a proper medicine/treatment according to the person's constitution.

    Ayurvedic health management
         Ayurvedic health management combines the key foundations of Ayurveda by focusing on preventive measures and promoting preservation. Ayurveda is not an overnight process - rather it is a way of natural healing and life in harmony with nature. This plan gives your body time to adjust and heal itself. It gives us and you the opportunity to check on the healing process and make changes.

    Yoga and Meditation helps to balance the mind, body and endocrine system. Quieting yourself through meditation and prayer also calms the heart, enabling treatments to give you the greatest benefit.

    Body constitution is the basic and essential evaluation in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Consultation allows us to determine your unique body make-up and specific problems as well as make recommendations. It includes detailed history along with pulse diagnosis. This is the starting point for comprehensive and continuing Ayurvedic therapy. It also includes recommendations for lifestyle changes, diet, exercise and if needed some herbs.

    Ayurveda & Yoga can show us how to restore balance physically, mentally and spiritually.
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